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Our company was founded by a veteran team of timber frame experts and specialty metal artisans with years of experience providing best-in-class products to a discerning market of homeowners and businesses.





Our team’s unique difference comes from our deep understanding of modern structural standards, forged metalwork, woodworking, and a love of traditional joinery. We have committed ourselves to continual improvement, always refining our methods and studying industry trends. We strive for perfection on every project—all produced with our hallmark quality and uniqueness.


Kevin Burdette, Timberframe Expert

     Born and raised in Hamilton, MT, Kevin has been working hard to achieve his goals throughout his life. Whether finding ways to earn his first rifle at the age of twelve or providing for his wife, children, and community, Kevin's work ethic is defined by his love of family and faith.

      Kevin puts his heart and soul into running his business with a management style reflected in who he chooses to surround himself with. He is committed to building long-term relationships with his customers, employees, and partners - including long-time friend and MTT co-founder, Wes Plettenberg. Kevin and Wes met in their youth and have been building businesses together in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley ever since.


“I believe that when the employees are taken care of, then customers can be taken care of as well. Montana Timber Tech is a way that I can help provide for my employees and their families in our community.”

Wes Plettenburg,
Metal Work Expert

     Wes feels as at home hunting and fishing in the Bitterroot Valley as he does in front of a forge. In addition to adding his artistic flare on the timber framing side of the house, his metal creations provide a personalized touch to our customer projects not often found in other custom designs.

      With a long history of friendship and business partnership with Kevin, Wes is equally committed to treating our staff as one big family bringing custom timber framing and forged metal excellence to the world.

Brody Manko, Timberframe Specialist

     Brody came to Montana from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He has a love for the outdoors and the mountains.  When looking for a place to call home, he saw the Bitterroot Valley as a final destination and reached out to Kevin and Wes to learn more about the craft of Timber framing and Log Home Building.

      He has been working with the company for 6 years now and is enjoying learning more about the art of Timber framing.

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